The Exhibition of the Silk Road in Coventry with participation of the Lady Godiva Sisters, multicultural group, 2008

Children from the diverse primary schools East London having lunch in the garden of the Victoria and Albert Museum, 2009

Pro Art & Co is a non-profit organisation involved in an innovative method of education and dissemination of knowledge and personal experiences gathered through the process of non-formal learning and presentation of heritage, culture, art and traditional life of diverse communities to general public. Our target groups are adults, older and young people and children. We also work with diverse ethnic groups, refugees, migrants, artists, professionals in different fields of activities and those who are interested to improve their knowledge and personal development. Our aim is to improve their participation and motivation towards further learning and in that way to facilitate inclusion and cohesion into a mainstream society. We organise cultural events and involve our members in mobilities/travel experiences and intercultural meetings throughout Europe. The main aim is to facilitate communication, try to bridge cultural and language barriers and to create informal learning opportunities through visits to historic, heritage sites, museums, libraries and cultural institutions. We also run Pro Art members club.
Workshops and the exhibition of African masks and figurines during The Black History Month (October) at Henry Compton secondary school, with children having fun, 2010


This is an opportunity for members to develop their creative side and while learning to enjoy visits to museums, art galleries, heritage sites and buildings of historic importance, concerts and theatres, travel opportunities to European countries and literary events. The aim is to learn about the traditions of people from around the world and understand better different cultures and civilizations. Our workshops help personal development, and are designed to improve communication between people, to develop skills, including basic IT/Internet, creative writing, languages, art, music, international cooking, crafts, photography etc.

Who can participate? Anyone over 18, and they can be professionals, curious, educated or uneducated formally, working and business people, older, pensioners, employed, unemployed, those who left education early, refugees, ethnic minorities, lonely people and those who think that these kinds of projects could fulfill their lives and prosperity. Our local activities are mainly related to the Culture, Heritage and History of London, Britain and other countries.

We support communication directly with local individuals and international community and connect people with similar interests in life. We also organise many cultural and social events, receptions, meetings or we could invite you for a nice cup of tea in traditional English style. And, you can choose the event in which you would like to participate.

Pro Art multiethnic group performing Gypsy Prayer for the South opera  at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2008

A short history of London